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Inside the doomed NEPAL ATR-72 plane that crashed on 15.01.2023!

Step inside the passenger plane-ATR-72 Yeti Airlines carrying about 72 people from Nepal's capital Kathmandu that crashed in Pokhara. Welcome to the Overture.

 who was among the five Indians killed in a plane crash in Nepal on Sunday was LIVE ON FACEBOOK

Sonu Jaiswal

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Video showing the fatal crash

No one survived the crash!

Smoke coming from the debris!

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its the deadliest avionics calamity to stir things up around the himalayan country in thirty years.

Past Crashes in Nepal- May 29, 2022- Nepali carrier Tara Air- killing 22 people. April 14, 2019- 3 people. March 12, 2018- 51 people. February 24, 2016- 23 people. February 16, 2014- 18 people. September 28, 2012- 19 people. May 14, 2012- 15 people. September 25, 2011- 19 people. December 15, 2010- 22 people. August 24, 2010- 14 people. September 28, 1992- 167 people.

has been tormented by mishaps because of unfortunate upkeep, lacking preparation, and careless guidelines.

Nepal's air transport

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