Top 10 Trending Recipes of 2022, By Google

Top 10 Trending Recipes of 2022, By Google
Top 10 Trending Recipes of 2022, By Google

Each year, there are a couple of new food drifts that surprise the world.

Recollect last year’s fixation on pesto eggs? Or on the other hand that time whipped espresso turned into a viral sensation? Indeed, 2022 ended up being no exemption.

This week, Google uncovered its Year in Search, a yearly report which incorporates top moving terms over different classifications (for example, Wordle was the top moving game and Yellowstone made the rundown of top 10 moving Network programs). Thus, when it came to the top moving recipe searches of 2022, we were interested.

Here are the “Top 10 Trending Recipes of 2022, By Google”

1. Sugo
2. Cincinnati chili
3. Marry Me chicken
4. Quick pancake
5. Mango pie
6. Green goddess salad
7. Jennifer Aniston salad
8. Grinder sandwich
9. Bella Hadid sandwich
10. The Bear spaghetti

What have been your #1 recipe this year — and have you given any of the ones a shot this rundown? Tell us in the comments!

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